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The dark around us, come

chorale from Three Sabbaths

This website houses information about Thomas's music and it is the place to learn more, purchase music and recordings and make contact. Feel free to roam around, and please let us know what you think:

"Thomas Cabaniss's score exudes a contemporary, atonal beauty seasoned with just a pinch of lush, Broadway-worthy melody."

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This is the website for Thomas Cabaniss, a composer of music for opera, dance, theater, and the concert stage.


Teaching Music Studies for Dance at Juilliard, along with electives in theory and arts education ...working on the Lullaby Project - bringing lullaby creation to young mothers in prisons, shelters, and hospitals...starting Year 6 of our LinkUp series (The Orchestra Rocks, The Orchestra Sings, The Orchestra Moves) at Carnegie Hall and with 70 orchestras around the world...

Fall '14

Celestial Fire, commissioned by the Young People's Chorus of NYC for its Radio Radiance Series, was sung by other young choirs at Central Michigan University in October...

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VIDEO: Up You Virgins, Off To Battle from Penthesilea
VIDEO: Up Then You Virgins at the BAM Next Wave Festival
VIDEO: Bright Is the Ring of Words & A Lad That Is Gone
CD release: Theodore Roosevelt Round on CELEBRATING THE AMERICAN SPIRIT

Summer '14

August 16 - Bay Chamber Concerts in Maine premiered a new piece for piano, four hands and cello, featuring Jeffrey Zeigler (below, formerly of the Kronos Quartet) and the husband and wife duo Alessio Bax and Lucille Chung. More info here.

Jeffrey Ziegler

The 2013-14 Season

I taught a course at Mannes and continued my work at Juilliard, with a new theory elective on the perception of time in the music of Stravinsky, Messiaen, and Carter. With the Weill Music Institute at Carnegie Hall, I led songwriting workshops and worked on LinkUp, which continued to grow and spread its interactive approach to places like Sapporo, Japan and Asturias, Spain.

    "Cabaniss's score plays a vital role in shaping our perceptions—providing stentorian, driving drum passages; tumbling piano sequences; achingly sweet violin melodies; and much more."